Lathyrus niger

Lunar Black Pea addresses a deeply hidden or buried karma that exists because of difficulties that arose within a past life intimate relationship. Both souls will be affected by the past life relationship. One partner may have physically abused the other, perhaps even murdered them.

The karma may have been created in a less dramatic fashion through deceit or manipulation. Whatever the actions it has left the souls involved shocked and traumatised to such a degree that the wounding is carried through into subsequent incarnations where the dysfunctional patterns continue to influence intimate relationships.

Distrustful Relationships

The souls who require Lunar Black Pea will be fearful within their relationships, distrustful, resentful, angry. They will be attracted into relationships that recreate the conditions that created the karma in the past life. With this type of karma role reversal occurs so an abuser in the past life may well become the abused in the present incarnation, the victim the prepretrator and if the karma is not addressed they will again become the abused in a future relationship.

The karma in the relationship will be well balanced with each party giving as good as it gets, hence revenge will be an emotion that drives this type of relationship karma forward.
It is through love that our souls learn their greatest lessons on earth. Relationships provide the arena in which this can occur. The karma associated with Black Pea presents to the soul very deep, hard and painful lessons to learn from. Souls affected by this type of karma are making swift evolutionary progress. Lunar Black Pea essence is as much about helping soul more readily assimulated the profound lessons as healing the wounds that have been created.
Lunar Black Pea resonates with Venus connections to Uranus and Pluto and a strong planetary prescence in the mutable signs of the zodiac.

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