Lunar Bluebell

Lunar Bluebell is for those souls who in a previous life have lost their parents. These souls may have been orphaned or abandoned. It would have occurred at such an age and/or in such a way that it has had such a deep impact upon the soul that the wounding is carried through to future lives, where the dysfunctional energetic pattern is compounded further.

Souls who resonate with Lunar Bluebell will most likely have lost their parents at a highly impressionable age in childhood. These souls may well have witnessed the deaths of both of their parents. The loss of their parents shaped their lives considerably, never recovering from this deepest of pains and sense of abandonment that was experienced. Their parents may not have died but abandoned them instead. This would have occurred not in the early years of childhood but when old enough to be fully conscious and aware of what was happening. Souls who resonate with this remedy will have spent their childhood in an orphanage, in this life or a past life.

There are many ways in which this type of wound can manifest in a future life. All will centre around the parent/child relationship and contain a strong sense of insecurity. There is also a strong possibility of a yearning and continual searching for the lost parents.

Such is the nature of this type of dysfunctional karmic energy that if it is not healed consciously the wounding can be compounded further through a whole series of incarnations, where dysfunctional parent/child relationships manifest. When this does happen in a series of incarnations, role reversal occurs so that the lost parent will become the lost child in the next life and then the lost parent again in the life after that - such is the wheel of karma. Therefore this remedy may well be indicated for terminations of pregnancy and miscarriages if the root or origins of the karmic wound was an orphaned child.

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