Lunar Cat's Ear

Cat's Ear is the remedy for past life deceits or misunderstandings. This remedy is useful for those who have in a previous life uttered falsehoods. Certain roles in society require one to be economical with the truth or twist facts to suit one's own position. Karma inevitably has to be encountered from such actions and Cat's Ear is the essence to help untie such past life actions. Those who have been politicians, barristers or who have had to use the power of words to persuade others may benefit from this remedy. Those who have used words to undermine or intentionally hurt another in a previous life will find healing from Cat's Ear.

Cat's Ear can also be used in past life relationship therapy. Frequently positions of misunderstanding remain unresolved to return in future lives. Lack of understanding of the other's point of view, not being able to hear the truth of another and wrongly judging them are common enough dynamics within human relationships. Cat's Ear will be able to dissolve the boundaries between two individuals, allowing greater understanding of the other's point of view if the problem is rooted in a previous life relationship.

Cat's Ear is an excellent remedy to bring clarity and understanding when past life regression is proving confusing. Conversely, Cat's Ear may well cause confusion if taken by someone who has clarity.

During the earliest stages of the Atlantean colonisation this Deva acted as a messenger between the newly formed colony and the mother-shores of Lemuria. The Deva presently associated with Cat' Ear has taken on different material forms in the past. This level of consciousness comes through in the flower essence. Cat's Ear is able to bring so much clarity to past life confusion and mis-representation because it has itself gone through many changes.

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