Lunar Euphorbia is for souls who have lived a previous life where they were in a constant state of vulnerability.  They were most likely exposed to attack for a prolonged period of time, either physical or emotional, and the trauma still resides in the light body.  Such souls, in a previous life, would have lacked protection and support and would have been constantly fearful, apprehensive, anxious, unable to relax, never feeling safe, threatened by others, unable to trust others.

Lunar Euphorbia works with the dysfunctional patterns carried by the soul that have their roots in social connections.  This flower remedy can be used when the trauma has been created by animosity and the hatred of others.  The wounds that past life social criticism, discrimination, stigmatisation and the consequential experiencing of maltreatment will respond to this remedy.

Lunar Euphorbia can be used specifically for past life agoraphobia.    

Whilst we inhabited Lemuria our bodies gradually materialised.  Euphorbia was created when the need arose to make subtle adjustments to our spiritual development.   Euphorbia reminded us of the sanctity of home, the eternally safe place we were leaving.

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