Lunar Feverfew
Feverfew is the remedy for past life confusion.

At certain points during its evolution the soul seeks greater clarity in a particular incarnation. One is able to discern past karma of confusion, uncertainty about meaning, direction, purpose or identity. Such souls have spent life times lost in a maze, unable to release themselves from muddled thinking, tying themselves in knots. There may well have been mental ill in a previous life. Now they are seeking to transform this karma into clarity; they are moving out of the dark maze into the simplicity and truth of light. However, their karmic habit is to turn
around and return to the maze as it is very hard for them to accept that life can be sharp, focussed, single-pointed. For these souls to hold a vision, to be committed, to know their path is one of the greatest challenges of the life. To step out of the maze is the most exciting and frightening action to take, bringing intensity, polarisation and crisis. Their past confusion is the safety net, the escape hatch, in case living in the reality of light and truth is too difficult. Feverfew aligns these souls with their true destiny, allowing them to contact their own personal power that has been unused in previous lives. It also brings them into contact with their ability to believe, trust in the future, have hope and faith.

The souls in need of feverfew have learnt a great deal from previous incarnations wandering the endless avenues of possibility, now they are being asked to get in touch with the seat of their power which is the direction they have to take. Certain types of karma require more than one life time's experience to deal with so each soul, during a series of incarnations, works through specific karmic patterns, resulting in similar life experiences being encountered through several life times. Feverfew is also used for those souls who, for whatever reason, have strayed or been led astray from working with their karmic destiny.

Lunar feverfew resonates with the mutable cross.

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