Lunar Foxglove

Lunar Foxglove is for those souls who in a past life have been injured by either extreme cold or heat. There is a strong chance that the injuries would have been fatal or left the soul physically handicapped in the body. Use foxglove on those souls who still carry the trauma of being exposed to extremes in temperature. Foxglove will be indicated for those souls who, in a past life, have either frozen or burnt to death. This may manifest in the present incarnation as an unusually high degree of fear of either of the temperature extremes. Not only present
life psychological, but physical conditions too may have their origins in this type of past life trauma.

Foxglove is associated with a sudden or unexpected death or injury, such as in an accident, rather than pre-planned as in torture or execution by fire. Foxglove emerged in Lemurian times after sudden, shocking and unexpected events. To the Lemurians foxglove was strongly associated with the confusion and chaos that followed in the wake of such disturbances.

Keywords: past life burning or freezing to death

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