Lunar Ground Ivy
This remedy is for those souls who have in a previous life suffered at the hands of an unfair legal process. They may have been wrongly accused, convicted and punished. They may have had an unfair trial. They may have had to endure the arbitrary exercise of power rather than the rule of law, if any existed. In their hearts these souls know that they have not received natural justice, have suffered subsequently and been undeservedly labelled as criminals by society.

Many souls in need of Lunar Ground Ivy will have been punished severely for a trivial offence against society and had to endure unwarranted hardship which would not only have had far reaching consequences for their own lives but for family members too. This type of past life wounding is very common and can so easily result in anger, alienation and separation from society in the present incarnation, especially when the wound is reactivated and the unresolved emotions from the previous life emerge once more.

In Lemuria this plant emerged as a result of intellectual debate at a time when the consciousness of humanity was still highly unified. Ground Ivy was used to ease some of the initial intellectual disagreements that occurred between individuals. Much later, on the continent of Atlantis, Ground Ivy was used in the “Rites of Justification”, where the reasons for decisions effecting individuals and the populous were explained and justified.

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