Lunar Hawthorn
This is the remedy for past life indoctrination. All societies, no matter how liberal they claim to be, have religious, moral or philosophical doctrines that have to be adhered to. Lunar hawthorn is for those souls who have been unable to shake off the doctrines of previous lives which are proving unhelpful in the present incarnation.

Many souls have, in a previous life, been deeply wounded by strict, petty and narrow cultural belief systems, frequently perpetuated by the establishment. Lunar hawthorn can be used to heal such wounds, often resurfacing during present incarnation childhood experiences of moral teaching and indoctrination. Use this remedy when the soul’s own wisdom has been at odds with the collective consensus and the soul has had to accept religious and cultural “truths” unsympathetic to its own spiritual development.

Hawthorn can also be used for those who have in a previous life been severely judged by society for transgressing the moral\religious principles of the time. Those who have had the courage to challenge the “accepted wisdom” will almost certainly fall in this category.

The angel of hawthorn offers protection and this comes through the process of lunarisation. Lunar hawthorn protects the soul from the powerful invasive “shoulds and shall nots” dictated by society, giving its own wisdom the opportunity to flourish.

Keywords: past life indoctrination

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