Lunar Hazel

Hazel can be given to heal wounds inflicted upon the physical body by sharp or heavy weapons in previous lives.
Deep or fatal wounding in a previous life can resurface in the physical vehicle of the present life. Intensely traumatic injuries have an impact upon the soul, causing the wound to reoccur in successive incarnations; such karmic scaring is not uncommon. Use Hazel to bring healing to the wounds that have been inflicted by sharp or heavy weapons still existing on the soul level: these frequently manifest as complaints in the area of the body that had in a previous incarnation been injured.

Use Hazel when there has been a large display of greed or possessiveness in a previous life that is colouring the present incarnation. Old and outworn patterns which were important, profound or intense in a previous incarnation can be retained by the soul and inform the present incarnation inappropriately. The soul is clinging to something which was of great value to its spiritual evolution in a past life yet is completely unnecessary this time. The "gold" of a previous life, stored for future use, turns out to be a handful of dust needing to be released. This previous life experience, prized by the soul, may have manifested on the conscious level as a positive, beautiful, helpful quality or the reverse, negative and painful; in either case Hazel can be used to release it. Hazel is indicated when there is the sense that these powerful energies from the previous life are pulling the soul down into the depths rather than lifting it up.

The Deva of Hazel has an extremely old relationship with humanity for it agreed to help in the very earliest stages of the colonisation of Atlantis -this implies there was already a well established relationship between the two. The Deva of Hazel helped prepare the ground of the newly formed continent for human migration from Lemuria and also eased the psychological problems that accompany migration. This Deva, therefore, had an important role to play in the establishment of Atlantis. Lunar Hazel resonates with the Taurus\Scorpio axis and the second\eighth house polarity of the horoscope.

Keywords: past life heavy or sharp weapon injury

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