Lunar Hedge Garlic

Hedge Garlic can be used by those souls who have witnessed death in a traumatic or shocking way. They may, as a child, have seen the death of a love one, or perhaps they might have experienced the horrors of war or seen family and friends killed by appalling epidemics. They may well have had a more active role in death by being involved in murder or even genocide. These are just a few examples of how the trauma of witnessing and experiencing death may wound the soul to such a degree that it is carried through to a subsequent life.

In the present life the wound can manifest in a number of ways, from a specific terror of some aspect of death to a more general fear or morbid obsession / unhealthy fascination of anything to do with death. The demise and death of a loved one may well be the trigger to reopen this soul wound although for some it is open through their entire lives, affecting their perceptions of life to the detriment.

Hedge Garlic is also for souls who have in a previous life been wounded at the time of the death of their physical body. Such souls were most likely unprepared for their death and suffered as they left the body. In a previous life they may have died suddenly, shockingly or tragically. Some would have had intense fear of death, putting them in denial of the inevitable: as they left their bodies profound trauma would have been experienced; their souls becoming wounded at death.

Hedge Garlic emerged on the continent of Lemuria after disagreements between individuals were resolved. Its relationship with humanity further developed when it was used over an extensive period of time to assist consciousness flow around obstacles that emerged as the materialization of the physical world occurred. Its primary use on Atlantis was to ease the suffering of the general population created by the excessive burdens and misuses of power by the royal hierarchies.

Keywords: past life trauma caused by witnessing death

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