Lunar Hogweed is for souls, who in a previous life, have been forced off the land.  This may have occurred through a natural disaster such as famine or flood or could have occurred through such human measures as land clearances, forced evictions or war or invasion.

The removal of the fundamental physical and financial security, personal orientation, self-worth, purpose and belief the land gives can impact profoundly upon the soul in future incarnations.  The trauma of being compelled to leave not only the land, which may have been farmed by several generations of the same family, but most likely the home as well, reaches into many areas of life.  The issues in a lifetime created by such a wound upon the soul may not be so apparent on initial examination. 

Anger is a common emotion resurfacing in a subsequent incarnation that is not initially associated with such past life trauma.  However, the list of dysfunctional energetic patterns created within the individual by such natural or inhumane evictions includes, poverty consciousness, many types of insecurities, lack of direction in life, disorientation, depression, victim consciousness and more.

Lunar Hogweed also addresses the traumas the soul has encountered through forced migration, the uprooting from all that was loved and known and being plunged into an unknown and dangerous environment.

The current use of Lunar Hogweed arises out of the formation of the plant consciousness on the continent of Lemuria during the period of the creation of extensive material existence that followed the initial descent from spirit into matter.  Later, on the continent of Atlantis, Hogweed was used to expand empathy between individuals who were struggling with losing this most important of human qualities. 

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