Lunar Ivy

Lunar Ivy is for past life poisoning and poisoned emotions such as envy, jealousy, hatred and anger. Deep seated anger and other dark or poisoned emotions can be carried through to future lives; they reside in the aura, often close to the physical. Ivy is used to release the toxicity they produce through the constant denial, repression or inability to face such powerful emotions. Such dark, one might say evil, sentiments leave a deep wound on the soul which may require healing in a future life. The healing action of Ivy is dramatic, rather like taking a knife to an infected wound or lancing a boil. A powerful cathartic release of past life toxins can be expected.

Ivy can also be used when the individual has been poisoned in a previous life or suffered through septicaemia or other infections that have entered through the skin.

Lunar Ivy resonates with Scorpio, Pluto and Mars in opposition or square to the Sun.

Keywords: past life poisoning

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