Lunar Meadowsweet is for souls who have lived a series of lives where great vulnerability or impressionability was experienced which resulted in them having their minds controlled by others.

Some souls will have been intimidated and traumatised in a past life after threats or actual witnessing fear-inducing events that subsequently affected their natural human responses.  Further exposure to similar situations will have reinforced their altered view of reality.  Many of these souls would have become highly susceptible to the influence of those that threatened and generated the fear.  They were then in a position to be easily put upon and abused.

Some souls will have been seriously mis-lead over long periods of time in previous lives, adopting belief systems that would have resulted in psychological and/or physical damage to their own body as well as others.  In such cases it would have become easier for the ego to continue on the same trajectory rather than limit the damage by confronting the untruths and experiencing a fundamental shift in their perception of reality.  These souls came to live a life, or lives, that contained fundamental untruths which they were unwilling, or unable to confront and address.

Underneath or behind the dysfunctional patterns created through vulnerability and impressionability which Meadowsweet addresses, is the abuse of power and influence of a ruling elite, the authorities, using nefarious tactics to manipulate the thoughts and actions of those they have sought to control.  Souls who require this remedy have so far been unable to shake off the authoritarian influences of the past which led them through fear, coercion or gullibility to act in ways which compromised their humanity.

The deva of Meadowsweet was created on Lemuria as a result of human consciousness being used for the first time to influence and persuade others on a collective level.  Meadowsweet was later used in rituals on Atlantis at times of transition to inform and direct the population in certain directions.

The astrological use of Meadowsweet may be indicated by a prominent Pisces or Neptune, fused with Saturn/Capricorn and Pluto influences.  Jupiter too can figure in such configurations.

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