Lunar Michaelmas Daisy

Use Michaelmas Daisy when there have been power struggles in past life relationships. This remedy is able to address the tensions that continually surface in relationships from time to time, transforming repeated patterns that have their roots in power struggles from previous lives. Power is one of the most highly magnetic qualities and consequently returns with as much force as it delivered in past lives. Michaelmas Daisy is asking to heal, through transformation, the battles that have raged between individuals in their past incarnations. Such struggles are usually centred around sex, money or authority.

Many souls have a series of incarnations within a particular family: this flower essence works well with the negative karma of family power struggles that inevitably result from such close contacts over several incarnations. Jealousy over money, inheritance or family rifts that have occurred in previous lives can be resolved with this remedy.

The consciousness of the great angel Michael has always been close to humanity. He played an important role in our initial descent from spirit onto the Earth, helping in the process of separation. Michaelmas Daisy was first used to heal the traumas of our separation from loved ones in spirit. At a later period in Atlantis the flower was used to assist the process of the emergence of the hierarchical social structure and heal the painful rifts that occurred when certain individuals were seen as being more important or more blessed than others.

This remedy resonates with Scorpio\Pluto in the seventh house as well as Mars in the fourth.

Keywords: past life power struggles

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