Lunar Plum

Plum is for the stresses and tensions created by past life sexual promiscuity.Over or unwise use of sexual energy in a previous life can result in patterns of pain and suffering emerging in the present incarnation. Plum is a remedy which brings wisdom, understanding and compassion to bear upon the incorrect use of sexual energy in the past, dispelling the emotions of guilt and self-disgust which can so easily attach to this type of karma.

Sexual activity is vulnerable to attack from a wide range of negative and judgmental thoughts. The sexual promiscuity of a former life may well have incurred little or no negative karma; sexual openness can be natural, creative and joyful. However, profound stresses and tensions may have been created in the present incarnation due to current cultural and socially acceptable standards of behaviour in this area being so different from those of the previous life. Whatever the suffering, plum will tease the knot open if it has been formed by previous life sexual promiscuity.

Keyword: past life sexual promiscuity

an extract from our book Healing the Past

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