Lunar Ragwort

Disagreements arising between couples that have their roots in the past, be that this life time or a previous life can be addressed by Lunar Ragwort. Ragwort works specifically with the male/female polarity within relationships so that on many occasions, but not exclusively, the discords will have arisen around sex, money or power. It may be that the tensions have arisen out of a past life spent together but it is just as possible that both parties have carried independently their wounds to the present relationship where they resurface. Intense arguments, disagreements, the inability to see eye to eye or reach compromise within sexual relationships may respond to the use of this flower remedy if the core issues have been brought through from past experiences.

The deepest bond between souls occurs through sexual union and if this is in some way broken, violated, misused or abused there is often a scar left on the soul. Such a wound can then either adversely inform or colour subsequent relationships by repeating the dysfunctional patterns held deep within the soul. The souls are being asked to find healing through their love for each other. This remedy will also work within same sex relationships if the partners take on to a large extent the male/female roles with their love lives.

Ragwort emerged on the continent of Lemuria as a result of two separate strains of human consciousness. Humanity reached a point in its evolution where it was expressing strong desires that were unable to be achieved because of the growing constraints of materialisation – frustration was beginning to be felt. When humanity was able to apply its intellectual thought processes to the situation in order to bring clarity and resolution to the issues, Ragwort was one of the resulting creations that occurred.

Keywords: past life conflicts

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