Lunar Rose

Lunar rose is for past life bereavement.

If the etheric cord linking us to loved ones has, in a past life, been cut in a violent or unexpected way, the trauma can be carried through to future lives. Use this remedy for any shocking separation from loved ones. The sudden death of a partner or a child and becoming orphaned are just a few instances that  suggest the use of rose. It is not uncommon for the grieving process to take more than one life time to complete, particularly if the initial bereavement was so deeply wounding. Rose will ease the emotional burden of such bereavement. This type of past life loss can colour present life relationships detrimentally: over-possessiveness and deeply rooted fear of loosing a loved one are common manifestations of this karmic condition.

During the later times on the continent of Lemuria, as part of the preparation for the exodus to the newly forming continent of Atlantis, there was a conscious drive to loosen the bonds with the spiritual realms, particularly the links with spiritual companions. The angel of rose appeared on Earth at this time to help this process by strengthening the bonds of love between souls residing on the physical plane.

Lunar rose resonates with aspects between Mars and Chiron placed in the air signs or houses, a strong water element and Pluto on the angle.

Keywords: past life bereavement

an extract from our book

Healing the Past

The book contains all the detailed descriptions of the Moon Flowers and Environmental Essences, giving their uses in healing the karmic wounds carried through from previous lives.

As well as detailing the current healing use of each remedy the book presents the genesis of the flowers as they were created on the continent of Lemuria and the subsequent way they were employed by the Atlanteans. Two methods are given for taking the remedies.

A 12 page appendix discribes, through each of the lunarised flowers, how the soul works with the karmas of inheritance, transformation and transcenence.

Moon Flowers can awaken deep memories from the past, often blocked or repressed so they can be consciously acknowledged and released. They also work at a gentle and subtle level, easing the karmic knots which have become tightly bound and thereby facilitate past life healing.

The Sun is our celestial Father and the Moon our celestial Mother.

It is to the Mother these flower remedies are dedicated.

A4 format, 66 pages, spiral bound

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