Lunar Shepherd’s Purse

Lunar Shepherd’s Purse is for those who have achieved or acquired a great deal in a previous life then rested upon their success, their laurels, good fortune or inheritance to such an extent that their souls have suffered through the lack of growth and development that accompanies hard work and personal suffering.

The souls who require Shepherd’s Purse have, in the past, failed to continue to evolve and grow through their life experiences as a direct result of their wealth or high status offering little in the way of challenges. In a past life, or series of lives, these souls have stagnated, missed important opportunities to develop further. Their wealth may well have been material but equally it may have been intellectual or spiritual. Shepherd’s Purse therefore can be used for past life pomposity, dogmatism or arrogance. It can be used for a mind that has, in a previous life, closed down and been unwilling to stay open to new ideas and concepts.

The soul’s past life failure to continue their evolutionary journey can influence the present incarnation detrimentally. Repeated patterns carried through from a previous life can continue to block the soul’s movement forward. Conversely, the soul may be pushing too hard, wanting to make up for past life errors. For some souls in need of this remedy there will be an unrealistic expectation that they should be richer or better respected.

Shepherd’s Purse has always had a close relationship with humanity, from the very beginnings of our consciousness being felt on the Earth plane. On the continent of Atlantis it greatly assisted our early colonies, remaining an important plant up to the final fall of continent.

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