Lunar Snowdrop

Snowdrop is given to heal the deepest wounds society has inflicted upon the soul in previous incarnations, or the soul has inflicted upon society. Give Snowdrop when the soul has been alienated from society, spurned or rejected in some fashion. Snowdrop treats any form of abuse metered out by the society. Any negative karma resulting from actions carried out to fulfil a role in society can also be treated with Snowdrop. The most vicious, inhuman deeds perpetrated can be cleansed by this flower essence: such karma inevitably creates profound stress for the soul in the present life.  Snowdrop flower essence is for the abused and the abuser in society. It brings a greater sense of true self or individuality that was lacking in previous lives. The sense of self may well have been lost or distorted in a previous incarnation whilst functioning within the bounds of social convention: Snowdrop helps to deal with the imbalances in the present incarnation which are a result of the self being denied in previous lives.

Snowdrop's current destiny is to serve humanity as an extremely powerful, cathartic healer. The Snowdrop Deva suffered at the hands of science during the last era of Atlantis, when many scientific abuses occurred. It is these wounds which make it such a powerful healer, helping us to release the wounds that have occurred through communal living.

Snowdrop resonates with Aquarius and the eleventh house.

Keywords: past life wounds inflicted on the soul by society

An extract from our book Healing the Past

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