Lunar Sweet Pea is for souls who in a previous life have been buried alive or have died through suffocation.

This past life death was traumatic and totally unexpected. It may well have left upon the soul a profound fear of something similar occurring again. For some souls this will affect their current life dramatically whilst for other souls carrying this wound they will be living with an apprehension of unknown cause, a fear that creates an underlying worry and tension in their life that never seems to be able to be understood or resolved.

Fear of the dark, being or descending underground, being in confined spaces, unable to leave a room (particularly one with no natural light) or a strong dislike of anything over the face may be present in this life. Souls carrying this wound may be shallow breathers and suffer in the lungs with shortness of breath, particularly when in a state of fear. Lack of fresh air may cause panic.

Lunar sweet Pea resonates strongly with Pluto in conjunction with one or more of the personal planets in the 8th. house. This remedy was made under a Saturn/Pluto mutual reception, so when the signs of Scorpio and Capricorn are closely interlinked within the natal horoscope, Sweet Pea may be an appropriate remedy to use.

Key words: past life suffocation

£ 9.95 each Healing the Past

The book contains all the detailed descriptions of the Moon Flowers and Environmental Essences, giving their uses in healing the karmic wounds carried through from previous lives.

As well as detailing the current healing use of each remedy the book presents the genesis of the flowers as they were created on the continent of Lemuria and the subsequent way they were employed by the Atlanteans. Two methods are given for taking the remedies.

A 12 page appendix discribes, through each of the lunarised flowers, how the soul works with the karmas of inheritance, transformation and transcenence.

Moon Flowers can awaken deep memories from the past, often blocked or repressed so they can be consciously acknowledged and released. They also work at a gentle and subtle level, easing the karmic knots which have become tightly bound and thereby facilitate past life healing.

The Sun is our celestial Father and the Moon our celestial Mother.

It is to the Mother these flower remedies are dedicated.

A4 format, 66 pages, spiral bound

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