Lunar Willow

This remedy is for those who have suffered greatly in a previous life through poor health. When illness is painful and dominates life for prolonged periods of time, a scaring on the soul can occur. Such a mark can resurface in a subsequent life and the illness, or something similar, can manifest and force the soul to address the healing that was not accomplished in the former life. Lunar Willow has the effect of lifting the impressions of a former debilitating illness from the soul. This remedy is therefore potentially very useful for any condition that may have it roots in chronic illness of a former life.

Lunar Willow also has a more specific use as healing the wound that has occurred on the soul through drowning. Such a death affects the ‘spiritual lungs’ and can result in weak lungs in subsequent lives. Willow can also be used to heal the psychological effects of such a traumatic death, for example a fear of water. Any lung condition associated with past life illness may benefit from the use of this remedy.

The Deva of the weeping willow initially served humanity during our time on the continent of Lemuria. It was involved in developing our abilities to destroy and reshape. At a much later date it was also actively involved in the development of our sexual orientation. During the fall of Atlantis the Deva of the weeping willow drew close to humanity, particularly when the waters began to rise.

Keywords: past life poor health impacting on present incarnation

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