Lunar Winter Aconite

This remedy is for those who have in a previous life suffered from narrowmindedness or blinked vision because of strict and dogmatic religious beliefs. This is the remedy to use for those souls who have in the past been members of strict religious sects that have practised austere regimes and denied spontaneity, joy, material comfort and happiness. Winter Acconite will also treat the karma which has resulted from being part of a community which has been inwardly focussed at the expense of shunning the rest of society.

Winter Acconite also addresses the karma of spiritual elitism, living a previous life in the belief of being one of the chosen few.

Our initial descent from the spiritual realms onto Lemuria was a cause of much celebration, in Heaven and on Earth. Winter aconite appeared on Lemuria in response to the consciousness of celebration. As we were so joyous and exhilarated flowers were spontaneously created and bloomed; winter aconite was one of these. Our beings then had to make adjustments to living within the confines of the physical world and winter aconite helped greatly our learning to appreciate the limitations and restrictions that we were subjected to for the first time. The very powerful bond formed between this plant and humanity was further strengthened during the epidemics which spread over the continent of Atlantis, our first encounters with disease. Winter aconite’s close affinity with the plight of humanity made it a very powerful healer at this stage of human evolution.

Winter aconite resonates with hard aspects between Jupiter and Saturn.

Keywords: past life religious indoctrination

Healing the Past

The book contains all the detailed descriptions of the Moon Flowers and Environmental Essences, giving their uses in healing the karmic wounds carried through from previous lives.

As well as detailing the current healing use of each remedy the book presents the genesis of the flowers as they were created on the continent of Lemuria and the subsequent way they were employed by the Atlanteans. Two methods are given for taking the remedies.

A 12 page appendix discribes, through each of the lunarised flowers, how the soul works with the karmas of inheritance, transformation and transcenence.

Moon Flowers can awaken deep memories from the past, often blocked or repressed so they can be consciously acknowledged and released. They also work at a gentle and subtle level, easing the karmic knots which have become tightly bound and thereby facilitate past life healing.

The Sun is our celestial Father and the Moon our celestial Mother.

It is to the Mother these flower remedies are dedicated.

A4 format, 66 pages, spiral bound

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