Lunar Wood Anemone is for souls, who in a previous life, have suffered greatly when one or more of the basic physical structures that supported their lives broke down. Such souls could have suffered from lack of food or home or other circumstances that led to a debilitating lack of security.  

The loss may have occurred through a collective disaster such as famine, racial/religious persecution, forced exile or war (see also Lunar Hawksbeard). However, the disaster could equally have been a personal affair caused by such things as loss of health or other tragic personal circumstances that led to the breakdown of the structures that support life.   Lunar Wood Anemone also works within family karma, such as the ruin of the self or the family through unwise behaviour or tragic circumstances or the loss of someone close who supported the structures that provided the security in which life could thrive and prosper.   There are many stories with their variants that could lead the soul to suffer in a way which would suggest the use of this flower remedy.

Wood Anemone was created immediately prior to and during the first colonisations of the continent of Atlantis from Lemuria. A key quality that was so very important during this stage of humanity‚Äôs evolution was adjusting to transition because although the aspiration and preparation to move to Atlantis took many thousands of years, it still was a highly stressful event. Wood Anenome was one of the plants that emerged to soothe this painful process.

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