Moon Burn

This environmental essence was captured the night before the Full Moon under a brilliant Moon. Although the sky was clear of clouds few stars were visible, so strong was the Moon. Even the planet Saturn, which was close to the Moon at the time of making, was not readily visible.

Moon Burn is for souls who have found it difficult to make deep and meaningful connections with others in previous lives. Moon Burn is for the souls who has been in a desert, alone and isolated from the warmth of human companionship, and now wish to make more profound relationships with others. Moon Burn is for the celebration of human relationships.

Souls that have come from distant stars to planet Earth can often feel like the black sheep, very different from other souls inhabiting the human form. Moon Burn will help such souls find the connections with the rest of humanity.

Keywords: past life loneliness

An extract from our book Healing the Past

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