Moon Dusk

This environmental essence captures the golden light of the setting Sun receding up the valley side under the growing strength of the waxing Moon.

This remedy is for past life regret and under-achievement. Use this remedy when the soul has carried across from a previous life regret at the way the life was lived. There may be a sense of missed opportunity, bitterness at the loss of strength or social standing, difficulty in coming to terms with the loss of youth or health, or regret over some action that was taken. Moon Dusk addresses the pain carried through into the present incarnation of the loss of the golden years and perhaps not making the most of them, under-achieving during those most important of years.

Those in need of Moon Dusk are wanting the past to return. Moon Dusk unties the karmic knots that have resulted from the soul in a previous life experiencing debilitation through the ageing process or a wasting disease.

Keywords: past life regret

Extract from our Book Healing the Past

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