Moon Fire

This environmental essence was captured next to a bonfire as the Moon rose into the night sky.

Moon Fire is the remedy for those souls who have in a previous life attempted to crush the human spirit by means of brutality. It is the remedy for the tyrants, despots, slave-masters and oppressors of former lives. Moon Fire can also be used by those who have lived previous lives under oppressive and brutal regimes, in constant fear that their lives will end in detention, torture and death. Use this remedy where personal liberty and self-expression have been suppressed by violence and intimidation. Souls who were political prisoners or prisoners of conscience in former lives will also benefit from this remedy.

Moon Fire will ease the pain carried by the souls who have in former times been beaten to be "taught a lesson". The wounds of any form of corporal punishment carried out in the past, such as canning or flogging, will respond to this remedy. Those who have been caught up in a strict and brutal education system will find comfort from this remedy.

Moon Fire can be used to uncover knowledge from previous lives. It will awaken memory so past life talents can be utilise

Keywords: past life oppression

Extract from our book Healing the Past

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