Frequency Healing - The Background

The story of Royal Raymond Rife's research and discoveries in the field of frequency healing and the impact they had within the medical establishment is both inspiring and depressing.  Parts of the tale fill one with joy and optimism while other chapters are tragic, evoking anger and pessimism about the nature of humanity.

Royal Raymond Rife was born 16th May 1888, Elkhorn, Omaha, Nebraska. Known as Roy to his friends, he developed into what can only be described as a genius and like many of the truly gifted, rose to the heights before descending into the depths of obscurity.  He died, virtually penniless, 5 August 1971, El Cajon, California.  Although he made contributions in many areas of scientific endeavour his lasting legacy lies in the field of frequency healing.

In his teen years Roy worked as a chauffeur but spent his spare time studying and making microscopes. His employer recognised the young man’s talent and flair and generously paid for him to study microscopy in Germany. After six years in Europe Roy Rife returned to his home state of California and went on to develop the most powerful microscope of its time, the Universal Microscope.

This catapulted Rife to minor celebrity status amongst a niche group of microbiologists as he was able to be their eyes on their researches into the causes and treatments of disease. During the 1920s and 30s he worked alongside some of the leading medical researchers of the day in the United States of America.




This photograph, taken mid 1930s shows Rife with his Universal Microscope

The magnification of Rife’s microscope was 60,000 diameters with a resolution of 31,000 diameters. It contained almost 6,000 parts, bending and splitting the light 21 times between the sample and eye and could take up to 90 minutes to achieve perfect resolution.  

Although modern electron microscopes can achieve much higher resolution, they kill the samples in the process so only a single snapshot of the microbe can be studied. Rife’s microscope did not kill the samples so living microbes could be seen and their life-cycles observed. This is a very important distinction which allowed Rife to see the pleomorphic nature of microbes, something orthodox medicine has failed to take into account within all its medical models.

Roy was inspired by Tesla’s work and assertion that to better understand the world we need to view it as frequency, not matter. His work alongside renowned medical doctors led into research using frequencies in the range of 76,000 to 880,000 hertz. These he generated on his Rife Machine and beamed into the bodies of the patients to destroy the pathogens associated with their particular disease.


1930s Rife Machine

The theory is very simple:

Everything has a natural vibrating frequency, called the resonant frequency. Pathogens such as bacteria, fungi and viruses have resonant frequencies. Transmission of the same frequency to the microorganism causes structural damage or stress, disabling, denaturing and even causing them to explode. Other organisms are not harmed because they vibrate at different frequencies.

It works in practice:

The opera singer taps the glass to hear its resonant frequency and then sings the note until the glass shatters.

In 1934 Rife treated 16 terminally ill cancer patients with his frequency generator. Fourteen were declared free of cancer after 90 days while the other two were cleared of cancer after another six weeks of treatment.

The following year he was raised to a major celebrity when he made the front page of the Washington Post as the discoverer of a cure for all diseases. However, this was short lived as the American Medical Association had many vested interests, both financial and philosophical, to not allow this novel approach to curing disease to gain traction, so embarked upon a campaign to discredit him personally as well as his work.  Rife’s medical collaborators were bought out with lucrative positions in the AMA, Rife himself ended up in court on trumped up charges, his laboratory was burnt to the ground and later ones constantly robbed and vandalised. During the 1940s practitioners using Rife technology were sent to prison.

Although he continued his work into the 1950s, the savage onslaught he and his work had received from the medical establishment had a detrimental effect upon his mental health and he suffered from alcoholism and depression in his later life. He himself put his melancholy down to the deterioration of his eyesight after spending so many years looking through a microscope at the effects of frequencies upon microbes.

Frequency Healing - The Future

Roy Rife’s work has been carried forward by many who have witnessed these effective yet simple treatments. Rife only studied killing frequencies; nowadays frequencies are also used for healing, support, biofeedback and detox. With the advance in electronic engineering, the modern-day frequency generator is much more sophisticated, versatile, light and inexpensive than Rife’s early machines. Research and development are continually ongoing.