We use the Spooky2 software and frequency generator to send the appropriate Rife Frequencies to your body from any distance in the world.

Thousands of healing frequencies have been researched by Rife practitioners across the world in the past one hundred years. Whatever your condition there are appropriate sets of frequencies that can be sent to you remotely.

We need a sample of your DNA which can be posted to us in the form of a nail clipping. The nail is then placed in the remote which creates a scaler field and is then subjected to the appropriate Rife frequencies for you.   The frequencies affect your DNA in the nail and all the identical DNA in the world which is going to be in your body as DNA is unique to each individual.

Although this dynamic of nature has been utilised in many ways for many thousands of years and given names such as entrainment, bio-resonance, telepathy, telekinesis, clairvoyance, and the like, it is only recently that it has begun to be understood through scientific theories such as quantum entanglement.

We offer an 11 day (264 hours) remote healng programme but we recommend the detox healing programme initially to prepare the body for further treatments.  All 11 days treaments cost £60.

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The photograph shows the silver Spooky 2 frequency generator being powered by a computor.  Attached to the generator are two remote devices (black boxes).  Two separate remote healings are taking place here.  The finger nails are inside the remotes and receive the frequencies generated by Spooky 2.