Thank you very much; I used the products last night and am an instant fan!  After a hectic weekend with a busy family, the foam bath was ideal and I felt as though all the frazzling energy I'd picked up from everyone just melted away and I felt calmer and more prepared for sleep.  My partner also had a positive experience with the massage oil, and said that he felt centred and calm, and interestingly his mind felt 'soft' afterwards, which I take to mean peaceful.  I combined reiki healing with the massage and found the two therapies worked excellently together with very powerful cleansing and restorative results.  I'm very impressed with the outcome and would like to use this combination again.  The face cream is wonderful, my skin feels very soft and smooth and actually it's absorbed very quickly.  I think you could actually use it day and night, especially for drier complexions, but because I still feel that it needs to be promoted as a special skincare experience - I've never had a vibrational energy rush when I've applied moisturiser before put it that way!!   I could feel the healing powers of the products straight away and they are absolutely wonderful to use.  I'm very excited about opening up the public knowledge of these lovely products, they feel very unique.

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