The Radiance Foam Wash is just lovely. I find it a great multi tasker for everything from making scentalicious bubble baths, using it as an all over body wash and as a sensual shampoo. All the ingredients are fabulous and can clearly and evidently see how they contribute to super shiny soft hair and skin along with all the other theraputic effects they have. I keep my bottle stored in a special place out of sight because I know the special magical flower essences and energies are truely what makes it and must respect them. I feel beautiful and all smiley during the day after using it and believe part of the reason is more than likely due to this magical formula and everything that went into making thank you for that :) I think its a really unique lovely idea and its given me a spark of inspiration to create something like it too in the line of natural cosmetics combined with the enchanting magic of the flower fairies.

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