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Aquarius Flower Remedies Correspondence Course

Leading to Diploma of Practitioner Competence

Beyond Bach

If you have already have attended a level 2 workshop on flower remedies, have studied them in some depth, prescribed or given them to family and friends and have a passion to learn more about these natural essences of nature, this is an ideal course for you.

The course consists of three modules.   With your first and second modules you will receive  a total of twenty of our fundamental flower remedies with their complete repertories to study.  You will also receive worksheets for your lessons which must be completed and submitted to us by email.  In Module 1 you will be introduced to ten important remedies from the Aquarius range which link into Bach’s Seven Emotional Groups.  In Module 2 you will study further essences that link into the 12 archetypes of the zodiac, just like Bach’s Twelve Healers.  Both modules contain information and exercises.  You will need to keep a personal journal when following the exercises and this will need to be submitted in order to progress onto the next module.  Three case histories from remedies you have prescribed will need to be submitted at the end of module 2.

The third module offers a wide choice of deeper study into some aspect of our work such as The A-Z of Flower Remedies, Light Body Essences, Moon Flowers, Seed Essences, Astrology, Dowsing and/or somethings of your own choosing.     There is no time limit to complete any of the modules.  

If, on finishing the three modules you wish to receive our Diploma of Practitioner Competence, you will have to have submited  a personal journal for assessment at the end of modules 1 and 2 and three case histories at the end of module 2.   Both tuition fees and flower remedies are included in the price of £175 per module.   The fees for Module 3 vary depending on which one you wish to study.  You will also qualify for student/practitioner discount on any future purchases on the website.

This course will:

Enrich your understanding of flower remedies and other essences

Allow you to acquire specialist knowledge and insight

Give you more confidence in the prescribing of flower remedies

Create a space to gain more experience as a practitioner

Provide a space to self-heal

To enrol please include an informal letter of introduction with your fees, telling us about yourself and your level of experience with flower essences and other vibrational essences and what you hope to get out of the course.   Use the Contact button to write to us and you can pay for the course on the Tuition Fees button just in the column to the left.

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