Case History


General Information

Mr. S is a 77 year old gentleman who has had an active life. He has worked in the farming industry on animal welfare and supplements and also with equestrian for many years. He is frustrated that his age is getting to him and that he can not be more active. He is considering getting a treadmill. He has had to give up 5 allotments and now spends his hours reading, watching tv, meeting friends and looking after his grandchildren. He has been single since 1982.

His diet is fairly healthy and balanced – batch cooking and some ready meals. He drinks up to a bottle of wine a day. He takes medication for high blood pressure and asthma. His asthma started in adulthood and may be linked with the split from his wife. He does not smoke, but did some years ago. Physically he is slightly rotund, you might say a typical grandfather type. He has a hearty laugh and many amusing personal anecdotes to tell. His frustration is due to his lack of mobility and aches and pains. He also does not sleep very well; he dwells on the past.

Past Health

He fell off a balcony when a few years old and later discovered, age 10, that his back had been injured. His tonsils and adenoids were removed during childhood. He suffered a broken nose whilst playing rugby. 35 years ago he was involved in a car accident where he flew through the air a removed a lot of his skin on landing. He also “put his pelvis out”. His lower back tends to ache since a cold wind affected it when he was in his 50s. A few years later a fall from a horse aggravated this problem.

Health Now

Energy levels are low, mainly through lack of sleep and it being winter. This season is the worst time for him physically and emotionally. He suffers from arthritis in many joints – ankles, knees, fingers, spine and right shoulder.   They tend to be aching constantly. Carry shopping affects his neck and right shoulder. He has an allergy to washing up liquid. He recently has recovered from a bout of bronchitis and been on a course of antibiotics. The vein over his right eye can look bruised when he is a bit under the weather.

Other Therapies

He sees a McTimoney Chiropractitioner every few weeks for his back and also has a reflexology treatment every two weeks. He is also having remedial massage. The masseur referred him to me for flower essences.

Flower Essence Treatment

Having been privy to the case history of the masseur I had a short consultation with Mr. S in order to fill in some minor details before prescribing. My intention before the meeting was to prescribe a general tonic to help sleep, free up his joints and make him feel better inside of himself. After the meeting I decided to concentrate on his poor sleep. I have a standard formulae for sleep which sells very well in many health food shops. I decided to give him this combination.

Sleep contains six flower essences. Passion Flower is widely used homoeopathically for sleep disorders: its vibrations are transferred to the flower essence. White Chestnut is the flower remedy when we can not prevent thoughts, ideas and arguments from entering our mind.   Lloydia is the essence to use when we suffer from disrupted nights. Forget-me-Not eases tensions in the dream state. Chamomile is a well-known herb with calming qualities that are transferred to the flower essence. Morning Glory soothes nervousness and over worry. To this I added Honeysuckle as a personality remedy for he did come across as the type of person who lives a great deal in the ‘golden days’ of his past.

The follow up consultation two weeks later revealed that he was feeling a lot better in himself, more at ease and although not a believer in flower remedies, thought they had benefited him. He was sleeping much better and looking forward to a stay with an old farming friend. His right shoulder and neck were still stiff but there was a small improvement in his finger joints.

I intend to meet him again to ascertain if a repeat bottle would be beneficial or a change of essences.

At my next meeting with Mr. S he had suffered a relapse and all his former symptoms had returned. He decided that the flower remedies had not helped him as he was feeling bad again. I offered him an other bottle containing a different formulae. This he accepted. In the bottle were Honeysuckle, as before, and Gentain, the remedy for those who suffer a set back and are unable to bounce back.

I met him in the street two weeks later and he was again in better health, mentally and physically. Once more he said that he thought he was gaining benefit from taking the flower remedies.   Unfortunately after a further two weeks he once more was in poor health and of the opinion that the remedies had not benefited him at all. At this point I decided to pursue this case no further.

Case History of 8 year old

 A mother came to see me about her daughter. I decided it would be easier and more convenient to see the mother without child, as she could tell me all that was needed on this occasion. The child has been suffering from constipation since she was born. Her stools are very hard and she has stomach cramps with wind on a regular basis that last for about 20 minutes. She always has had problems going on the toilet. The child also suffers from many urinary infections that cause much embarrassment for her, particularly at school, and soreness between her legs. The mother did not fully realise the child’s condition until she was able to speak and communicate her pain. The child also has asthma but this is only minor and pails into insignificance next to her bowel and bladder problems. I decided to not treat this as the mother had specifically come for her child’s bowel and bladder conditions.

The diagnosis from her doctor is irritable bowel caused by dairy products. Her mother has refused medication. The child has had her kidneys scanned but nothing abnormal was detected. She has had reflexology treatments that have helped her bowel condition.

Apart from these conditions the child is a fit and healthy girl who enjoys an active life style, attending seven dance classes per week. She sleeps very well. Because she is emotionally open, easily brought to tears and holds no secrets, there seems little connection between her inability to release on the physical level and her emotional life. Rather this seems to be a case where the dysfunctions were developed either in the early stages of her life, whilst still in the womb, or even prior to this. The child was very much wanted for she is an I.V.F. baby. Her mother is not clingy, though, for she is a professional carer for ten special needs clients. However, the nature of the child’s condition means she is continually returning to the mother for comfort support and healing. The bowel condition has allowed a very dependant relationship to form between the two; there are powerful karmic overtones.


The flower essences I prescribed were:

  • Comfrey for the stimulation of root chakra. The root directly links into the bowels
  • Red Dead Nettle for the stimulation of the sacral chakra. This chakra governs the elimitive process.
  • Sage for the stimulation of the solar plexus. This chakra governs the digestive processes.
  • Wood Anemone, which is specifically for the urethra.
  •  Oregano, for letting go and release
  • Asphodel, for cleansing and purging
  • Lunar Coltsfoot, for the release of qualities retained from a previous life.
  • Euphorbia links the taker to the Divine Mother. This seems relevant in the child’s case because of her reliance on her mother for healing.

I decided to treat with flower essences in two ways: a dosage bottle and with the essences mixed into a cream to be massaged onto the tummy. I also gave a bottle of “Who Cares for the cares” to the mother. This contains 6 essences to help her cope with the demands of being a full on carer.

 The mother was very pleased with the consultation and will be in touch in a week’s time to let me know if there are any improvements in her daughter’s condition.

I phoned the mother 2 weeks later. Her first words to me were, “It went really well to begin with.” My daughter’s bowel condition had improved with some really big poos. She had had a couple of nights of nightmares and bed-wetting so there was definitely a releasing occurring. The mother was putting the drops in Molly’s water bottle she took to school and at home in a glass of water. She thought the increased consumption of water may be helping her daughter’s condition. Unfortunately the mother had dropped the dosage bottle a week ago; it broke. She was still using the cream but Molly had just started to complain of stomach pains again and having rabbit size poos. She came around to the house and I gave her two dosage bottles to take away. Hopefully this will keep her going (excuse pun) for a couple of months. She will be in touch in the new year.

Case Study 3

J, a woman aged 39, approached me for some flower remedies. She was interested in trying some of the Moon Flowers for past life healing. She had already had a reading from a clairvoyant who said she had been drowned and burnt in past lives. I got her to dowse through the list of remedies, asking which was the most appropriate for her current needs. Lunar Red Campion came to the surface. This remedy is for the soul who in a past life as been persecuted or tortured for possessing female wisdom.

J immediately connected this to her suppressed desire to become a healer. She had, she informed me, been dabbling in alternative healing for 5 years, but had never had the confidence to take it beyond family and friends. She identified that a fear arising out of past life persecution as a ‘witch’ was holding her back in her present incarnation. She had for the past 5 years had a desire to get out into the world and heal but always managed to find excuses for not getting any clients or blocking her creative ideas for starting a business.

J left with a stock bottle of Lunar Red Campion which she immediately started to take on the tongue, 4 drops, 4 times daily. She reported back within the week that she had given up her job as a store detective and was in the process of enrolling on three therapy courses: Indian Head Massage, Chakra Balancing and Angel Therapy. She had also been asked by a worker at the nursery her daughter attended for healing – this she saw as a very positive sign for her future.

J phoned me again a few days later to say that she needed some more help because she was going through a crisis. We talked on the phone and she told me about her strong emotions welling up and bringing her to tears. She was having difficulty with day to day living because of these powerful emotions. As we talked she identified the pain inside of her as the pain of the whole world and that she needed to beg the Great Spirit to let her get out and be part of the great healing work.

Out of our conversation emerged her need for some support – to heal herself before going on to heal others. I recommended the use of our 12 Flower Amplify. This contain 12 essences, the seven helpers from the Bach range, Gorse, Heather, Oak, Rock Water, Vine, Olive and Wild Oat, with five from Aquarius, Margarita, Mullein, Hibiscus, Pepper Tree and Bougainvillea. I sent her a bottle in the post.

A couple of weeks later I heard from J. The 12 Flower Amp had had the effect of sending her to bed at 8pm each evening for a whole week and to bed for a nap in the afternoons. She had not caught up with her sleep since the birth of her youngest daughter two years ago. She thought her forced sleep over the past week or so had sorted her out in this department and she was feeling stronger, better able to cope, clearer in her mind so she was able to focus properly and much more capable of getting things done.