Case Study 3

J, a woman aged 39, approached me for some flower remedies. She was interested in trying some of the Moon Flowers for past life healing. She had already had a reading from a clairvoyant who said she had been drowned and burnt in past lives. I got her to dowse through the list of remedies, asking which was the most appropriate for her current needs. Lunar Red Campion came to the surface. This remedy is for the soul who in a past life as been persecuted or tortured for possessing female wisdom.

J immediately connected this to her suppressed desire to become a healer. She had, she informed me, been dabbling in alternative healing for 5 years, but had never had the confidence to take it beyond family and friends. She identified that a fear arising out of past life persecution as a ‘witch’ was holding her back in her present incarnation. She had for the past 5 years had a desire to get out into the world and heal but always managed to find excuses for not getting any clients or blocking her creative ideas for starting a business.

J left with a stock bottle of Lunar Red Campion which she immediately started to take on the tongue, 4 drops, 4 times daily. She reported back within the week that she had given up her job as a store detective and was in the process of enrolling on three therapy courses: Indian Head Massage, Chakra Balancing and Angel Therapy. She had also been asked by a worker at the nursery her daughter attended for healing – this she saw as a very positive sign for her future.

J phoned me again a few days later to say that she needed some more help because she was going through a crisis. We talked on the phone and she told me about her strong emotions welling up and bringing her to tears. She was having difficulty with day to day living because of these powerful emotions. As we talked she identified the pain inside of her as the pain of the whole world and that she needed to beg the Great Spirit to let her get out and be part of the great healing work.

Out of our conversation emerged her need for some support – to heal herself before going on to heal others. I recommended the use of our 12 Flower Amplify. This contain 12 essences, the seven helpers from the Bach range, Gorse, Heather, Oak, Rock Water, Vine, Olive and Wild Oat, with five from Aquarius, Margarita, Mullein, Hibiscus, Pepper Tree and Bougainvillea. I sent her a bottle in the post.

A couple of weeks later I heard from J. The 12 Flower Amp had had the effect of sending her to bed at 8pm each evening for a whole week and to bed for a nap in the afternoons. She had not caught up with her sleep since the birth of her youngest daughter two years ago. She thought her forced sleep over the past week or so had sorted her out in this department and she was feeling stronger, better able to cope, clearer in her mind so she was able to focus properly and much more capable of getting things done.

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