Positive Qualities:


  • Fearlessness and courage
  • Openness to life’s experiences
  • Readiness for adventure and excitement
  • A sense of inner security and ease of mind
  • The ability to face fears calmly and confidently



Patterns of Imbalance:


  • Vague unknown, haunting fears.
  • Trembling and shaking
  • Apprehension and premonitions
  • Anxiety attacks
  • Sudden inexplicable terror or panic


Aspen is the spiritual counterpart of Mimulus. Mimulus is for known fears and Aspen is for unknown fears. The fears associated with Aspen are more concerned with unworldly fears, spiritual, psychic in nature. Eerie and haunting are excellent words to describe the type of fears associated with this particular remedy. Although Aspen fears may not be of this world, they are very real for those who are suffering from them.


In childhood Aspen fear can manifest as fear of the boggy man, fairy tales or other mythical images. The need for the bedroom door to be left open and fear of what lies in the dark are common manifestations of this type of fear.


The Aspen fears can also be associated with the unknown that lies in the future; something terrible is going to happen but not knowing what. Sufferers are often reluctant to tell their troubles to others.


Often it is difficult to discern if the fear is Mimulus or Aspen. Here at Aquarius we always turn to the use of Garlic on such occasions.


Positive Affirmations:


I have all the courage I need

I open myself to life’s experiences

I have inner strength to face the future

I know my world is a safe place

I am ready for excitement and adventure

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