By Simon France

Bach Flower Remedies Form & Function

Julian Barnard

Flower Remedy Programme 2002 ISBN 0-9506610-7-4

There probably isn’t anyone in the world holding to the true essence of Dr. Edward Bach as well as Julian Barnard. His time at the Bach Centre and his work with Nickie Murray have given him unimpeded access to the mental workings of Bach, the creator of the now famous set of flower remedies.

Bach Flower Remedies Form & Function is therefore much more than the descriptions of the Bach Flower Remedies repeated in so many of the books on this subject. Julian attempts to enter into Edward Bach’s mind, examine the motives behind these amazing discoveries than spanned some seven years. His life is put into contemporary context and Bach’s philosophy behind the flower remedies is also explored. Fascinating stuff. The flower remedy descriptions are not given in alphabetical order but chronological, from Impatiens, discovered on the riverbank of the Usk in 1928 to the flowers of the Sweet Chestnut Bach picked in an Oxfordshire lane in July 1935. With constant references to Bach’s own life and writings, Julian creates a perfect picture of each of the flower remedies. He also draws upon his own in depth understanding of the remedies, which has been built up over many years, and extremely detailed examinations of each plant signature.

It’s a quality publication, hardback with sexy paper. It’s a pleasure to read for Julian is a highly proficient writer who is able to impart his own enthusiasm and joy to the reader. When the description of Star of Bethlehem laid out before you draws upon the symbolism of Leonardo Da Vinci, Gothic cathedrals and 6+6+6+1=19, you definitely know you are at a feast that has been many years in the making. Throughout the text are carefully placed illustrations, many by the author, to sooth the eye. Pleasure and indulgence are words I would use to describe the reading this book.

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