Positive Qualities:

  • The ability to see everyone’s inherent goodness
  • Tolerance, leniency and understanding towards others
  • Acceptance of the differences in others
  • Being gentle and good to oneself
  • Offering love unconditionally
  • Humility


Patterns of Imbalance:

  • Intolerant, fault finding, judgemental and critical of others
  • Seeing only the negative side of things
  • Arrogance
  • Isolated from fellows through tension and intolerance


Those displaying the negative state of mind associated with Beech will be narrow-minded, intolerant and quick to find fault in others. Such arrogant and highly critical attitudes arise out of their own narrow-minded and blinkered vision that takes no account of the situations of others. A memory aid for Beech is the long, thin and pointed bud of the tree that can be seen as the wagging finger of the Beech personality.


Those who have had to endure much pain, suffering, hatred, humiliation, disappointment or injured self-esteem in the past may well be pushed into the Beech state of mind and be unable to re-enter a positive state of mind again without help from outside.


Beech people always see the wrong in a situation and seldom see the positive results that might emerge. Inwardly these folk are tense and irritable to those around them, so consequently tend to be isolated from the rest of humanity. Digestive problems are common amongst these type of people.



Positive Affirmations:


I create well-being

I accept differences in others

I see everyone’s fundamental goodness

I let go of feelings of judgement

I am gentle and good to myself


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