Positive Qualities:


o       Serving from inner strength

o       Healthy recognition of own needs

o       Acting from strength of inner purpose

o       Ability to say "no" when appropriate



Patterns of Imbalance:


o       Weak-willed

o       Dominated by others

o       Servile

o       Acting to please

o       Difficulty saying no

o       Self-neglect


The Centuary type is kind, quiet and gentle who has a strong desire to help others. The souls who require this remedy are too servile and over-anxious to sort of the problems of others. Their good nature means they are particularly susceptible to the selfish and inscrutable amongst us who will exploit their kindness and generosity. If peace can be achieved by their own work, no matter how hard, this is the route they will take. The wish to be of service grows upon them to such an extent that they can even appear as doormats, willing to lay down whilst others walk all over them. They readily admit to not being in control or charge of their own lives. The Centuary type will always be willing to take on more than their own fair share of work, and in doing so is likely to neglect their own needs and mission in life. They are prone to exhaustive conditions brought on by over-work. In illness their active mind is on the needs of others, rather than healing of their own weak, pale and feeble body. Centuary is easily influenced by others of stronger personality, unable to refuse their wishes or demands. The motive behind their work is recognition, validation and acceptance. Their work level means they often complain of being tired or overworked. Many when initially opening to spirit, experience a strong centuary state of wanting to serve and being easily influenced by more enlightened teachers.




I meet my own needs.

I am in charge of my life.

I stand up for myself.

I value my self.


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