Chestnut Bud

Positive Qualities:

  • Learning easily and quickly
  • Being carefully observant
  • Good concentration
  • Using mistakes as an opportunity to learn and progress
  • Learning the deeper lessons of our experiences


Patterns of Imbalance:

  • Failing to learn from life
  • Repeating the same mistakes
  • Lack of observation
  • Poor attention to detail
  • Failing to base actions on past experiences

There are two remedies in the Bach repertory that are not made from flowers. Rock Water is one and the other is Chestnut Bud. Chestnut Bud is made from the budding leaf of the White Chestnut tree. From its early origins vibrational remedies have been made from more than just flowers.

Chestnut Bud is all about the unfurling of the young leaf – its movement out of innocence into experience. Chestnut Bud consciousness is concerned with learning from experience and it is for those who, for whatever reason, do not learn from life’s experiences, that this remedy is aimed. Put very simply Chestnut Bud is for those who continually repeat the same mistakes and fail to learn the lessons Life is attempting to teach them.

Chestnut Bud can also be used in situations where periodic illnesses develop. For example, a headache that always comes after a period of stress, or a bad back that will inevitably flare up when certain tasks are performed.



I learn something new from everything I do

My past is a source of strength and energy

I watch and learn from others

I see things as they really are

I learn from my mistakes

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