Positive Qualities:

o       Selfless love given freely

o       Respecting the freedom and individuality of others


Patterns of Imbalance

o       Possessive

o       Demanding

o       Needy expressions of love

o       Negative ways of getting attention

o       Self-centeredness

Chicory is a very important remedy for emotional congestion and misdirected love forces. Those in need of this essence must learn to distinguish between personal emotions and desires and the genuine unconditional love crucial for healthy and balanced caring for another. If they are unable to make this distinction they become selfish rather than selfless, manipulating the emotions of others for personal needs and desires. The energy which would ordinarily flow out from one's heart is thwarted, so that emotions of self-pity, neediness and even martyrdom are experienced. A seeming guise of loving behaviour is very often used as an inappropriate way of soliciting and manipulating the psychic energy and attention of others. Particularly with children, the Chicory pattern manifests as negative attention seeking, fussiness and tantrums which pull on the other members of the family. The Chicory child is the type who will resort to emotional blackmail to get their way, “I’ll only do my homework if I can have some chocolate.” Chicory flower essence nourishes the inner neediness of souls and helps to re-balance and re-direct psychic currents of energy, especially as they flow through the heart and solar plexus.


Chicory types sap the energies of others. They want constantly to impress, gain influence, status and power. They make many demands and find it extremely difficult to let go of their ideas and emotions. They also expect a great deal from others including unswerving loyalty. They rarely feel happy and usually have a long list of complaints. Deep within lies lack of fulfilment and lack of love, a feeling of never being unwanted and never properly loved.




I love unconditionally.

I respect the independence of others.

I am worthy of everybody's love.

I have all the attention I need.

I give without thought of return.

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