Positive Qualities:

o       Being awake

o       Being present

o       Being inspired by the practicalities of life


Patterns of imbalance

o       Avoidance of present by day-dreaming

o       Other-worldliness

o       Impracticality

The soul in need of Clematis has a strong inner life - the ability to image and dream is particularly well-developed. However, these capacities are so strong that they overwhelm and distort the connection with the concrete physical world, the here and now. Thus the great talents of the clematis types are largely untapped, and physical illness easily takes hold of the body because vitality and the will and desire to live are low. In extreme states such souls will be attracted to drugs, particularly psychotropic drugs, in order to continue the soul's addiction to discarnate psychic activity. Clematis helps such souls to realize that the great gifts within them can be constructively channelled into the physical world; in this way the life forces grow warmer, richer, and more present.


Clematis types are often pale skinned, with cold hands and feet and lack a general fire in their personalities. The urge to give them a “kick start” is frequently felt. They can drift off at almost anytime, either into their imagination or into sleep. They are rarely fully awake. They have been described as wanderers between worlds. The vast majority of the Clematis type find that reality holds little attraction. Memory and physical orientation can be weak. Illness can provide yet another opportunity for escape from the indifference of this world. Dr. Bach described the Clematis state as a polite form of suicide.



 I am here now.

I am involved in everything I do.

I live in the moment.

I bring my plans to fruition.

My feet are firmly on the ground.

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