Positive Qualities

  • A sense of hope and confidence in the future
  • Deciding to be optimistic and acting on this basis
  • Belief that difficulties and problems will be overcome
  • Strength of will
  • Having faith in life and the good things it brings
  • Inner conviction about what is true and right

Patterns of imbalance

  • Feeling of hopelessness
  • Believing that nothing more can be done
  • Loss of will to change things
  • Pessimism, defeatism, resignation and despair
  • Seeing life as full of suffering
  • Negative expectations attracting negative results

Gorse is the remedy for those who experience hopelessness as a normal state of mind. This mental state is dangerous because without hope it is very difficult to regain health and hopelessness only further anchors dis-ease in the body. Such souls do not consider that they will ever be well again and in their hearts have given up trying. They may well agree on a new approach to their chronic health problem for the sake of family and friends but have no expectations that it will work. Very often the negative Gorse does not appear in the extreme but one recognises the way in which a patient is going towards utter hopelessness. For these souls the use of Gorse can be a turning point in their health and fortunes as they dig deep to find the strength of will to fight off negativity and once more see the light.

The classic Gorse appearance is a yellow/pale, waxy face with dark shadows under the eyes. It is as if they have not seen enough sunlight.

Affirmations for Gorse

  • I have faith in life itself
  • I decide to be optimistic
  • I believe in myself
  • I have hope and confidence in the future
  • I look on the bright side

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