Positive Qualities

  •          Finding listening a joy and a pleasure
  •          Offering care and concern to others
  •          Bringing energy and vitality into relationships
  •          Enjoying our own company
  •          Being able to meet our own needs

Patterns of Imbalance

  • Greediness for the attention of others
  • Hating being alone and doing anything to avoid it
  • Over concern with our own problems, self-centredness
  • Feeding on the energy and vitality of those around us
  • Uninterested in others, difficulty in listening

The heather type is only concerned with their own needs and problems. They seek out others, not for mutual companionship but to satisfy their compulsion to talk about themselves. ‘He came. He saw. He talked.’ These souls have the ability to monopolise a group, seeing it as their audience, cleverly bringing conversation around to themselves. Consequently these souls find themselves without any warm relationships; they drive friends away by their self-obsession. Many Heathers will accost complete strangers in order to talk. Brutal methods are often employed to get away from their greedy attention. Often described as ‘the needy child’, the Heather type may well have come from a home where little warmth and affection was found. Their childish attempts to gain attention and love have persisted into adulthood.

Affirmation for Heather

  • I am a willing listener
  • I take care of my own needs
  • I am always prepared to help out
  • I let go of being needy
  • I love spending time on my own

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