Positive Qualities:

  • Expressing unconditional love, freely and willingly
  • Radiating joy and happiness
  • Enjoying seeing others succeed
  • Spontaneous generosity and warm heartedness
  • A sense ofbeing at one with the world
  • Being gentle and compassionate towards others
  • Having a deep and unreserved love of ourselves

Patterns of Imbalance:

  • Jealousy and suspicion
  • Envy and revenge
  • Suffering inner torment of negative and destructive feelings
  • Losing touch with love
  • Self-hatred

The uses of Holly are easy to remember because you only have to think of its hard prickly leaves brushing the skin and you enter the area of emotions connected to Holly. It is almost as if the Holy folk have the leaves on the inside of their bodies, causing them pain which they express as jealousy, envy, hatred, revenge and suspicion.   Bach wrote of this remedy, it is “for the different forms of vexation.” A rather old fashioned phrase but very clear and insightful for vexation covers a multitude of inner pain such as grief, unhappiness, displeasure, discomfort, botheration, agony, torture. Almost as if you were lying on a bed of holly leaves.

Holly folk are so at pains with themselves that they find it very difficult, if not impossible, to be at ease with others. Those in need of holly have a closed heart, they do not express their love for life in a positive manner. Bach said, ‘holly opens the heart and unites us with divine love.’


I am at one with the world

I open my heart to love

I radiate love, joy and happiness

I love to see others succeed

I deserve the love of others


Use Holly with Passion flower for closed heart

£ 6.50 each The Heart Chakra Flower Essence Passion Flower Remedy

Passion flower essence is used to stimulate, open and balance the heart chakra, located in the centre of the chest.  Typical indicators for the use of this flower remedy are:

Overly protective, withholding love - a closed heart, lack of sympathy, loneliness, depression, grief, self-blame, guilt, bereavement. Physical dis-ease in bronchial tubes, lungs, breast, heart, entire circulatory system, strokes, blood clots, thymic atrophy, weak immune system.

By taking passion flower essence the following positive attributes can be attained:

Unconditional love, ability to love oneself, compassion, nurturing, empathy, open-heartedness.

Dosage: 4 drops on the tongue, 4 times daily.

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