Positive Qualities:

  • Living in the present, being here now
  • The ability to learn from past experiences and learn from them
  • Seeing the past in perspective
  • Looking forward eagerly to the future
  • Welcoming the process of growth and change

Patterns of Imbalance:

  • Living in the past and romanticising about it
  • Feelings of nostalgia or homesickness
  • Lacking interest in the present or future
  • Feeling unable to let go of painful or traumatic memories
  • Having regrets about missed opportunities or unfulfilled dreams
  • Difficulty in getting over the loss of a loved one
  • Stagnating, not moving on or growing

A person in the honeysuckle state of mind lives a lot of the time in the past. They are not interested in their present circumstances, or what the future may hold, rather they dwell upon the “good old days”. Such folk would prefer to be living in the past and consider that the world was generally a better place in years gone by. In fact their perception of the past is coloured greatly by their golden memories, seeing only good in the past and very little bad. They become polarised in their mind between the beauty of the past and the ugliness of the present and future. It is common with the mind set of Honeysuckle to glorify the past. Like Clematis, Honeysuckle escapes the present reality but not into a fantasy world but their recollections of their earlier life.

Honeysuckle mentality is debilitating because there is never any thought that things can get better. The good times were in the past, they have gone and will not return and therefore there is nothing to look forward to, nothing to strive for. Honeysuckle is also indicated if the past holds some traumas or regrets that can not be let go of and are stifling growth, movement into the future.


I let go of old memories that hold me back

I come from my past and move into my future

I live in the present

I welcome the future


Because of their affinity with the past those who require this remedy will respond well to The Moon Flowers which focus exclusively on the past.

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