Positive Qualities:

  • Confidence in our energy and strength
  • Stamina and staying power
  • Setting our lives up to be stimulating and fulfilling
  • Feeling bright, awake and fresh
  • Being excited by possibilities, engaging passionately with them

Patterns of Imbalance:

  • Easily succumbing to mental and physical exhaustion
  • Tiredness and weariness
  • Lacking interest in our normal activities
  • Feeling we have insufficient strength or ability to cope
  • Life feels like a burden and everything is an effort
  • Needing stimulants in order to get going

Hornbeam has been called the remedy for the ‘Monday morning blues’. It is the mind set that puts us in the frame of mind that ahead of us lies a dull and boring day full of a well-versed and monotonous routine. The day ahead can feel like a mountain looming before us and we do not have sufficient energy or enthusiasm to climb it.

Hornbeam is a weariness of the mind that is temporary because if something new stimulates and excites us the mental tiredness disappears as we once more engage more fully with the process of living and experiencing.  

The Hornbeam state of mind can occur after a prolonged illness where there is doubt that the body is capable of returning back to normal activities. This state of mind can also occur after spending too long involved in one activity so that the mind becomes fatigued. We can find ourselves in the Hornbeam state if our lives become too organised and dictated by routine. Life then starts to become tiresome.

One of the signs that Hornbeam is required is being tired during the day, through lack of interest, but then waking up more in the evening so it becomes difficult to get to sleep.

Within the Hornbeam state there is an apparent one-sidedness, a unbalanced state where too much emphasis is placed on mental and not enough on physical activity.


I have the energy I need

I am strong and fulfilled

I live my life effortlessly

I am awake and fresh

I live my life balanced and in harmony


Consider using Comfrey for the Root Chakra alongside Hornbeam because this remedy energies our body by bringing us down to earth and out of our tired mental states.

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