Positive Qualities:

o       Patience

o       Acceptance

o       Flowing with the pace of life and others


Patterns of Imbalance:

o       Impatience

o       Irritation

o       Tension

o       Intolerance

The souls who need Impatiens find it difficult to be within the flow of time; their tendency is to rush ahead of experience. In doing so, they deny themselves full immersion in life, even though they may appear very busy and engaged. In particular, these individuals miss the more gentle and subtle exchanges which can occur with others, or with the world around them. Their over abundance of fiery force flares up easily into irritation, impatience, intolerance, and anger. Although quite mentally agile and extremely capable, the great inner tension and excitability of such souls leads to various physical disease states and often premature aging due to "burnout". The Impatiens type needs to experience not only the powerful flaming of life, but also its gentle flowering. Through Impatiens essence, the soul learns to still the attention and deepen the breathing so that the inner self becomes more receptive to the unfolding moment. The precious flower of life is then experienced in all of its fleeting fragility and delicate beauty.


Impatiens are quick thinking, often finishing the sentence of others who are mentally slower. They have many tensions in relationships because of fiery temperament and lack of diplomacy. In fact they find their own company much easier than being with others and especially dislike being in leadership roles because of the inevitable personal clashes that arise. They lack the ability to hold back and practice patience.  




I have all the time I need.

I have patience and understanding.

I take time to appreciate others.

I live my life calmly and gently.

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