Positive Qualities:

  • Self confidence and assurance
  • Inner conviction each of us is a fine and good person
  • Expecting to succeed
  • Determination to persevere and see things through
  • Fulfilling our potential

 Patterns of Imbalance:

  • Lacking in confidence
  • Assuming we are no good, feeling inferior
  • Expecting failure
  • Holding back so potential is never realised
  • Getting easily discouraged
  • Shying away from risk taking

 Larch is for lack of confidence. It is the remedy to use when taking an exam to calm the nerves and give confidence. It can be used in any situation where failure may occur and the thought of failure is creating more chance and opportunity for it to happen.

 Those who lack confidence and are in need of Larch are the type of people who compare themselves with those who have achieved success. They look at others and do not consider that they are as good or as capable as those around them. Built into the Larch personality type is an expectation of failure: this means that they never really give 100% because there is no reason to do so as it will be a waste of time and only create a higher level of despondency when the inevitable failure occurs. This mental attitude also leads to hesitancy and an overly passive attitude that also contributes to a lack of self-belief. The Larch folk will look at others and consider that they are much more capable of succeeding than themselves and therefore in any competitive situation put themselves immediately at a disadvantage.


  • I act with total confidence
  • I always expect to succeed
  • I am excited by every new challenge
  • I act with boldness and determination


 Look to the remedies Sunflower and Carduus Thistle for further assistance with lack of confidence. Also look at the flower essence combination Self Empowerment.

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