Positive Qualities:

o       Courage and confidence to face life's challenges


Patterns of Imbalance:

o       Known fears of everyday life

o       Timidity

o       Introversion

Mimulus is one of the most basic remedies for fear. Those needing this essence are hypersensitive and live with a great many small fears of ordinary and everyday events. They are especially afflicted in the solar plexus, which churns with great anxiety and unease. Eventually, if these fears are not met and transformed, the soul becomes quite darkened and introverted as it withdraws more and more from the stresses of daily living.   Mimulus brings the light of courage back to such souls. It helps the individual shift its fixation from myriad lesser fears to awareness of a more basic, usually unconscious fear. This is a fear of the physical body, or of physical life itself, which can sometimes be traced to actual hesitation at the moment of incarnation. A pattern is thus set deep within the substrata of the soul which must be healed. Mimulus helps the soul to contact the strength and purpose of its Higher Self, and thus sets it free to experience life with greater curiosity, exuberance, and joy. Mimulus enhances the soul’s qualities of courage and confidence. The fear associated with Mimulus is a known fear, such as going to the dentist, fear of the dark or crossing the road.

Those marked with strong Mimulus traits tend to be of a delicate build, fine bones, pale skin. At the extreme they can resemble China Dolls. They are nervous in the company of others, blushing, stammering or having a frog in the throat. Others may talk a great deal, giggle and be nervy. Damp palms. People who spend much time in the negative Mimulus state of mind lack ambition. They prefer to stay inside so their sensitivity is not rattled.




I act with courage and inner strength.

I meet each difficulty as an opportunity.

I can do anything.

I am fearless.

The world is my oyster.

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