Positive Qualities

o       The ability to stop trying when appropriate

o       Taking only on the things that one really wants to do

o       Living a life balanced in work, rest and play

o       Finding it easy to let up, have a break and relax

o       Always open to the possibility of change

Patterns of Imbalance

  • Hopelessly plodding on without thought of change
  • Tendency to overwork and suffering in the process
  • Obstinately sticking to things, even when pointless
  • Not showing tiredness, exhaustion or ill-health
  • Sliding into despair, possibly leading to breakdown
  • Finding it difficult to let go, relax and rest properly

Like the tree, the Oak type is strong and enduring. They are prepared to fight and struggle to achieve. They often become the mainstay of the family or firm. Others know they can be relied upon totally. They are the type who will keep everything together even in the most difficult of times. These brave, noble and patient folk become unhappy if they are unable to fix it. Work is a duty, a 100% commitment. They are not accustomed to disappointing others. They have a strong belief in the immortality of their souls, and consequently fight on without loss of hope or effort. Their weakness is not found in their belief, hopes, physical ability or mental strengths but in their inability to contemplate ever giving up; they are rigid and unbending in this respect and this leads to their downfall. Like the tree that sheds its boughs in order to revitalise itself, the strong and enduring Oak soul has to breakdown in order to change direction and start living a more sustainable life-style. Chronic or even life-threatening conditions are required for the stubborn Oak to realise that the world will continue without their strong arms of support.


  • I always give myself a break when I need it
  • I let go of struggling so hard
  • I rest deeply
  • I am open and spontaneous

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