Positive Qualities

o       The ability to restore our energy completely

o       Tapping in our enormous reserves of strength

o       Ensuring we have the help we need

o       Doing what is realistically possible

o       Bringing a sense of effortlessness to our life’s activities

o       Using our energy in the most effective and economic ways

Patterns of Imbalance

  • Feeling completely exhausted
  • Having no reserves of energy to call upon
  • Everything seeming like a hard uphill struggle
  • Total mental and physical weariness
  • No longer enjoying activities, daily life is a grind

Olive is the remedy to use on those souls who present themselves with long-term conditions that have weakened their vitality and immunity to a great extent. The physical and mental condition, rather than the personality type, is much more prominent in the prescribing of Olive. This remedy is given when the soul can take no more, the ‘last straw’ has been reached through exhaustion. Even the smallest of tasks has become insurmountable. It is not only the body but the mind that is completely worn out. The souls in the Olive state have often given much to others and have little or nothing left for themselves.


  • I use my energy in the best possible way
  • I recognise my own needs
  • I resore my own vitality and health
  • I know my priorities in giving to others

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